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Curriculum Vitae

For a copy of this Curriculum Vitae in PDF format, please click the following link:  Andrew-L-Mack-PhD


  • Ph.D. 1995.  University of Miami, Department of Biology.Dissertation: "Seed dispersal by the Dwarf Cassowary, Casuarius bennetti, in Papua New Guinea.  Advisor: T. H. Fleming
  • B.A. (Biology major) 1985. University of Delaware.    

Positions Held

Executive Director, Indo-Pacific Conservation Alliance.  January 2013 to November 2015.

I was responsible for administration, fundraising, and execution of all IPCA projects.  IPCA works primarily in Indonesia and Papua New Guinea and has a variety of projects run by local partners.  IPCA provides scientific expertise and technical support to its partners.  

Scientific Director, Green Capacity.  May 2011 to present.            

Green Capacity is dedicated to building human and intellectual capacity for a biologically sustainable future.  We play a strong support role for conservation and research organizations, particularly the PNG Institute of Biological Research.  I help raise funds, teach courses, mentor students, oversee research, and provide technical guidance to small, efficient non-governmental organizations (e.g., IndoPacific Conservation Alliance and Natural Biodiversity).  GC acts as a consultant for capacity-building projects, such as reorganizing the PNG National Museum or supporting field expeditions and research by partner organizations (e.g., University of Kansas, Conservation International).   Other consultancies have included the Tree Kangaroo Conservation Project, Project Dragonfly, Pixar Studios, Indo-Pacific Conservation Alliance, and the Second Pennsylvania Breeding Bird Atlas.

William and Ingrid Rea Conservation Biologist. An endowed  position at the Carnegie Museum of Natural History.  June 2007 to May 2011.

As the Senior Scientist, I oversaw research at the Powdermill field station, with an emphasis on applied conservation biology.  The fulltime staff consisted of 2 Ph.D. ecologists, 3 M.Sc. researchers, 1 M.Sc. GIS technician, support staff, and varying numbers of seasonal interns and technicians (up to 15 at a time).  I raised funds to sustain operating and research costs, and managed day to day administrative functions.  Our research team conducted many studies, such as banding birds year round, radiotracking Golden Eagles, and detailed ecological studies of the 2200 acre property.

Conservation Zoologist (comparable to Associate Professor), Wildlife Conservation Society.  1999-2007.

I began the formal WCS PNG country program in 1999 (with co-Director Dr. D. Wright) and built it into a $600,000/year training and research program.  I taught at the undergraduate and postgraduate level.  I directed a large portfolio of research programs and managed two field research stations.  In Goroka we established a training center that mentored postgraduate students with usually 6-12 students in residence at any one time. The main objective of the program was to build a highly-competent and motivated team of national conservationists.  This objective was met and became the current PNG Institute of Biological Research, of which I am a founding board member. I managed seven national and two expatriate staff.

Senior Ecologist, Conservation International, Washington, D.C.  1995-1999.

In this position I provided scientific leadership to programs in Indonesia and Papua New Guinea.  I organized and led three major biological field surveys.  I taught courses in both countries for students and conservation professionals.  I helped execute a major priority-setting workshop and edited its proceedings and other publications.

Manager and Founder, Crater Mountain Biological Research Station, PNG.  1989-1993.

I raised the funds and built a research station in PNG where I conducted my research.  I managed the local staff, oversaw research visitors to the station and supervised all aspects of the station.  The station became part of the core around which a 2700 km2 protected area was designated by the PNG Parliament.  Over 100 publications have been produced from the station since its founding.

Collection Manager, Department of Ornithology, Academy of Natural Sciences of Philadelphia.  1979-1982.

I oversaw a full inventory of the bird collection (165,000 skins) and created one of the first computerized collection databases of any major collection.  I oversaw the packing and movement of the entire collection to a new building and then to new cabinets.  I performed all usual collection management activities such as preparing loans, overseeing research visitors, assisting the curators, and interfacing with the general public.

Other Positions Held

  • Research Assistant,  Ornithological collection curation, University of Miami.  1995.
  • Teaching Assistant, Department of Biology, University of Miami.  1993-1994.
  • Field Assistant, University of Delaware, Wood Thrush studies. 1983-1985.
  • Field Collector, Western Foundation of Vertebrate Zoology.  1982-1983.                


  • Adjunct Faculty, Department of Biology,  Indiana University of Pennsylvania.  2012-present.
  • Field Course Instructor 2011, Miami University, Earth Expeditions, Sabah, Malaysia.
  • Adjunct Faculty, Chatham University, 2009, 2012.  Graduate level courses in conservation biology and field ecology.
  • Lead Instructor 1996-2007, 2011, 2012. Undergraduate Field Biology, University of PNG.  Every year I led an intensive month-long field course for 24-28 undergraduates.  This course varied by year to cover survey techniques, experimental design, sampling, report-writing, and data analysis.  There was always a strong emphasis on quantitative analyses and statistics.  The course has been taught in several locations, including some that were quite remote to give the experience of remote wilderness field work.
  • Mentor and postgraduate advisor, 1999-present.  The program we built sponsors and mentors honours students in the PNG educational system, a fifth year degree preparatory to the Master's Degree.  I have mentored 27 such students.  We used this as a preparatory phase for enrollment at overseas postgraduate programs.  To date we have secured scholarships for 15 of these interns to enroll in Master's degree programs in top universities in Australia, New Zealand, England and the United States.

Other Activities and Services

  • Founding Board Member, Green Capacity,  2010-present.
  • Elective Fellow, American Ornithologist's Union, 2009-present.
  • Founding Board Member, Natural Biodiversity,  2009-present.
  • Scientific Advisory Committee, Bird-Safe Glass Foundation,  2009-present.
  • Scientific Advisory Committee, Pennsylvania Audubon,  2009-present.
  • Founding Board Member, PNG Institute of Biological Research, 2008-present.
  • Trustee, Gahavisuka Provincial Park,  2004-2007.
  • Associate Editor, Pacific Conservation Biology,  2004-present.
  • Board of Trustees, Research and Conservation Foundation of PNG,  2002-2007.
  • Board of Governors, Society of Conservation Biology Australasian Section. 2002-2008.
  • Research Associate, University of Kansas Museum of Natural History, 2000-present.
  • Research Associate, Academy of Natural Sciences, Philadelphia, 1996-present.
  • Research Associate University of Papua New Guinea. 1987-present.
  • Steering Committee, UPNG Conservation Capacity-building Program.
  • Scientific Advisory Board, Research and Conservation Foundation of PNG.
  • Survey biologist, Iwokrama Rainforest Project, Guyana 1997.
  • Survey biologist, Rio Tuichi/Madidi National Park, Bolivia 1997.
  • Survey biologist, Crater Mountain, Papua New Guinea 1996-1999 (six camps).
  • Editor,  Conservation Priority-Setting Conference for Irian Jaya 1997.
  • President, University of Miami, Biology Graduate Student's Association 1994-95.
  • Survey biologist, Hunstein Mountains Expedition, Papua New Guinea 1989.
  • Early survey and research (pre-1989) in Ecuador, Peru, Mexico, Costa Rica, Sabah.


  • 2011: University of Kansas.  Ornithological surveys of the North Solomons, Bismarck and Admiralty Archipelagos ($45,000).
  • 2009: Association of Zoos and Aquaria.  Testing window products to reduce fatal bird window strikes ($24,000)
  • 2009: Testing window products to reduces bird-window collisions.  Colcom Foundation ($33,000)
  • 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010: Support for various upgrades at the bird banding laboratory.  Laurel Foundation ($40,000 @ year) 2008: Study of migrating Golden Eagles in Appalachia.  Marshall Reynolds Foundation ($12,500)
  • 2008: Vegetation mapping and forest ecology.  O’Neill Fund ($9,700)
  • 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010: Avian research at Powdermill. Colcom Foundation  ($105,000 @ year)
  • 2006: Wildlife consumption by the Sokamin People, PNG.  New England Biolabs Foundation ($10,000)
  • 2006: Training Conservation Biologists in PNG.  The Christensen Fund ($253,000)1 2005: Conservation Education and Curriculum Development,  Phase 2.  AusAID  ($1,300,000)1,2 2005: Wildlife and Eco-forestry in Papua New Guinea.  European Union  ($240,000)1 2005: Training Conservation Biologists in PNG.  Individual Donor ($90,000)
  • 2005: Conservation in the Crater Mountain Wildlife Management Area  Inter-Church Cooperative Organization ($350,000)1,2
  • 2005: Research and Training for the next generation of conservation biologists in PNG.  Darwin Initiative($362,200)1, 3
  • 2004: Mentoring PNG biologists and threatened species research.   Conservation International ($195,000)1 2004: Manus Conservation Initiative.  Conservation International.  ($15,000)
  • 2004: Capacity-building for RCF field staff and Crater community leaders.  Wilson Foundation. ($13,090)1
  • 2003: Biological surveys of a PNG montane forest.  New England BioLabs Foundation.  ($10,000)
  • 2003: Training the next generation of conservation biologists in PNG.  The MacArthur Foundation ($450,000)1
  • 2003: Analysis of hunting offtake in the Crater Mountain Wildlife Management Area.  CERC (Columbia University)             ($20,000)4
  • 2002: Biologist training and science capacity building in PNG.  The Christensen Fund.  ($328,250)1
  • 2002: Annual Cycle of a PNG montane forest.  New England BioLabs Foundation.  ($12,000)
  • 2001: Conservation Education and Curriculum Development PNG.  AusAID.  ($1,000,000)1
  • 2001: Infrastructure Improvement for the Crater Mountain Biological Research Station.  National Science Foundation.     ($130,000)
  • 2001: Phylogeography of PNG lowland birds.  National Science Foundation. ($377,980)5
  • 2001: Management of the Crater Mountain Wildlife Management Area.  ICCO ($280,000)1,2
  • 2000: The Mekil Conservation Initiative.  New England BioLabs Foundation. ($15,000)
  • 2000: Population studies of the Dwarf Cassowary.  Disney Corp. ($40,000)
  • 2000: Development and field application of new techniques to assess populations of  cassowaries.  Eppley Foundation.     ($20,000)
  • 2000: Scientific Capacity Building in PNG.  The MacArthur Foundation.  ($306,380)1
  • 1999: Collections study grant, American Museum of Natural History.  ($1000)
  • 1999: Biological Training in Papua New Guinea.  The Christensen Fund.  ($225,000)1
  • 1998: USAID BiRD Co-operative Agreement, Conservation International.  ($500,000)6
  • 1998: Biological training and building conservation capacity in Irian Jaya.  MacArthur Foundation.  ($75,000)6
  • 1996: Biodiversity surveys and field training in the Crater Mountain Wildlife Management Area, PNG.   Wildlife             Conservation Society. ($75,000)1
  • 1995:  Zoological surveys in the Iwokrama rainforest, Guyana.  (UNDP). ($250,000)
  • 1995: Integrated conservation and development program for the Crater Mountain Wildlife Management Area, PNG.              Biodiversity Conservation Network-USAID ($650,000)1,2
  • 1992: Research of cassowary ecology and conservation part 2.  Wildlife Conservation Society ($30,000)1
  • 1990: Cassowary conservation.  World Nature Association ($2000)
  • 1989: Research of cassowary ecology and conservation.  Wildlife Conservation Society.  ($40,000)1
  • 1989: Seed dispersal by Dwarf Cassowaries.  Doctoral dissertation improvement grant, National Science Foundation.     ($15,000).
  • 1988: Seed dispersal by Dwarf Cassowaries.  The Douroucouli Foundation. ($7000)
  • 1988: Seed dispersal in New Guinea.  Curtis Fund and Sigma Xi ($1000)
  • 1987: Pilot study of cassowaries.  Wildlife Conservation Society.  ($6000)


  1. 1 Co-authored with Dr. D.D. Wright
  2. 2 In collaboration with the Research and Conservation Foundation of Papua New Guinea.
  3. 3 Co-authored with Dr. V. Novotny, Dr. A. Stewart, Dr. A. Vogler.
  4. 4 Co-authored with Dr. P. West
  5. 5 Co-authored with Dr. J. Dumbacher and Dr. R. Fleischman
  6. 6 Co-authored with various staff at Conservation International    

Other Awards

  • 2005  Visiting Fellow, Australian National University, Resource Management in Asia Pacific.  $7000
  • 1995  "Who's Who Among Students in American Universities and Colleges."
  • 1995  Award for Academic Excellence, University of Miami, Graduate School.
  • 1994  Marcia Brady Tucker Award (AOU); Outstanding Student Paper Award (joint AOU/COS/WOS meeting).
  • 1990  Fulbright Scholarship $27,000
  • 1989  Maytag Fellowship $13,000
  • 1988  Maytag Fellowship $13,000
  • 1987  Maytag Fellowship $13,000    

Short Presentations and Symposia

  • Laurel Highlands Conservation Initiative (4/11)
  • La Roche College (4/11)
  • Wilson Ornithological Society (4/08, 3/09)
  • Bay Area Conservation Biology Symposium (2/06)
  • Society for Study of Evolution (6/05; 6/10)
  • Society for Conservation Biology (6/03; 9/04)
  • American Ornithologists Union (8/94, 8/99, 8/03. 8/09)
  • PNG Department of Environment and Conservation (12/02; 7/04, 2/05)
  • Ecological Society of Australia (12/02)
  • Association of Zoos and Aquaria (9/02)
  • Association for Tropical Biology (7/02, 6/94)
  • Biological Society of New Guinea (9/96)
  • Ecological Society of America (8/94)
  • South Florida Plant Biologists (5/94)
  • Florida Ecology and Evolution Society (4/93)
  • Papua New Guinea Botanical Society (11/92)    

Invited Seminars

  • St. Vincent University.  February 2008, January 2010
  • Miami University of Ohio. March 2011
  • Keynote Speaker, Cassowary Conservation Summit,  Australia. September 2009
  • Ohio State University. October 2008
  • University of Pittsburgh.  February 2008, October 2010
  • Carnegie Museum of Natural History.  January 2007, November 2010
  • Pixar Studios, San Francisco. June 2006
  • Prince William Sound Science Center, Cordova.  May 2006
  • Australian National University, Canberra.  April 2004
  • Telluride MountainFilm Festival, Telluride.  June 2004
  • New Guinea Biological Conference Keynote address, Goroka. August 2003
  • Botanical Research Institute of Texas, Fort Worth.  September 2002
  • New York Zoological Society, Bronx.  April 1999
  • Indonesian Department of Forestry, Jakarta.  October 1997
  • U. S. Embassy, Port Moresby. September 1996
  • Academy of Natural Sciences, Philadelphia.  August 1996
  • University of Papua New Guinea, Port Moresby.  March 1996
  • University of Cenderawasih, Jayapura.  February 1996.
  • University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia.  October 1995
  • University of Kansas Natural History Museum, Lawrence.  May 1995
  • University of Massachusetts, Amherst.  May 1995
  • Bowling Green State University, Bowling Green.  February 1995.
  • Field Museum of Natural History, Chicago.  January 1995.        

Post Graduate Students Mentored and Supervised

University of Papua New Guinea Honours Degrees (completed)

  • Arison Arihafa, Thesis:  Treefall gap dynamics in a PNG lower montane forest
  • Chris Dahl, Thesis: Changes in beta diversity of anurans across northern PNG
  • Eunice Dus, Thesis: Productivity of mangroves at two sites in southern PNG
  • Banak Gamui, Thesis: Litterfall and primary productivity in a PNG montane forest
  • Vidiro Gei, Thesis: An interactive key to the fruiting plants in a lower montane forest
  • Enock Kaledemimo, Thesis: Population demography of small mammals in a lower montane forest
  • Rachel Lahari, Thesis: The growth and survivorship of transplanted versus in situ Acropora intermedia: a study for the lime industry on Andra Island, Manus Province, Papua New Guinea
  • Leo Legra, Thesis: Nest and roost site selection in the New Guinea Harpy Eagle
  • Junior Novera, Thesis: Offtake and hunting pressure on vertebrates in southern Sandaun Province
  • Muse Opiang, Thesis: Ecology and home range of the Long-beaked Echidna
  • Katayo Sagata, Thesis: Ecology of litter-dwelling ants in a lower montane forest
  • Mellie Samson, Thesis: Impacts and mitigations on nesting megapodes at the Lihir gold mine
  • Miriam Supuma,  Thesis: Mortality and recruitment of trees in a lower montane forest
  • Kore Tau, Thesis: Site selection and seasonality in cave roosting bats of Crater Mountain
  • Susan Tomda, Thesis: Behavior and toxicity in the Hooded Pitohui
  • Diatpain Warakai, Thesis: Conservation of cavity-using vertebrate in PNG's logged forests
  • Kenneth Yhuanje, Thesis: Population biology and sustainable harvest of marsupials in Sandaun Province    

University of Papua New Guinea Honours Degrees (in progress)

  • Bega Inahao, Thesis: Vegetation of three one ha plots on the Huon Peninsula, PNG
  • Tania Areori, Thesis: Den use and home ranges of aroboreal marsupials at Mt. Gahavasuka, PNG
  • Heather Taitibe, Thesis: Seasonal activity population density of frogs at three elevations on Manus Island, PNG
  • Daniel Solomon Okena, Thesis: Foraging by Long-beaked Echidnas and possible impacts of pig rooting on echidna foraging
  • Yolarnie Amepou, Thesis: Population densities of sea cucumbers under three forms of reef management

Students Assisted or Sponsored at other Universities

  • Paul Igag, Australian National University, M. Sc. 2003
  • Miriam Supuma, James Cook University, M. Sc. 2005
  • Robert Bino, Australian National University M. Sc. 2006
  • Edwin Scholes, University of Kansas Ph.D. 2006
  • Banak Gamui, University of Missouri, St. Louis M.Sc. 2007
  • Muse Opiang, University of Missouri, St. Louis M.Sc. 2007
  • Michael Kigl, Australian National University M. Sc. 2007
  • Vidiro Gei, James Cook University, M.Sc. 2007
  • Katayo Sagata, Wellington University, M. Sc. 2007
  • Tanya Zeriga, Australian National University M. Sc. 2008
  • Arison Arihafa, Canterbury University, M. Sc. 2008
  • Elisabeth Jones, Yale University Ph. D. 2008
  • Eunice Dus, James Cook University, M.Sc. 2009
  • Enock Kaledemimo, University of Missouri, St. Louis, M.Sc. 2009
  • Mellie Samson, University of Sussex, M.Sc. 2010
  • Kenneth Yhuanje, University of Missouri, St. Louis, M.Sc. 2010
  • Brett Benz, University of Kansas (Ph. D. in progress)
  • Jean Deo, Rutgers University (Ph.D in progress)  

Field Experience

  • Bolivia
  • Costa Rica
  • Ecuador
  • Fiji
  • Indonesia
  • Mexico
  • Papua New Guinea
  • Peru
  • Sabah

Specialized Skills

  • Languages: Spanish, Tok Pisin. 
  • Vertebrate specimen collection, preparation, and curation. 
  • Licensed bird bander (Australia).  


Available on request

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